What Is The Wednesday Night TT / Hill Climb Series?

Starting May 22 – May 29, CycleFolsom will be hosting a TT / Hill Climb Series consisting of four individual challenges. There will be two TT / Merckx challenges, each will be a 10 mile all out effort on the south canal. There will be two Hill Climb Challenges, ranging from 5-8 minute efforts. The series will run series two-weeks on, one-week off (see schedule below).

  • Challenges will be posted as rides on our Website (like normal), where you will be able to register for each challenge. In order for us to manage riders, registration for each challenge will close the night before the challenge
  • Day-of registration is TBA, meaning register ahead of time, it helps us a great deal with organizing the series
  • Challengers will be given a number for each challenge to be placed on the front of their helmet
  • Challengers will be given a start time for each challenge (be early so you don’t miss your start time)
  • Challengers will be sent out in 1 minute intervals
  • Results will be emailed to each challenger, with a link to the results at the end of each challenge

Series Rules (includes hill climbs)

  • For both the TT and the Merckx timetrials, aero helmets, aero socks, skinsuits / speed suits, aero shoe covers, aero socks, aero gloves, are allowed
  • No drafting
  • No e-bikes
  • You must a CycleFolsom member
  • As a CycleFolsom member you have unlimited access to the entire series
  • You can do both the TT and Merckx challenge on the same night
  • For the hill climb challenge, you can do multiple hill climbs, just let us know when you register for multiple challenges on the same night
  • To be eligible for your age category, you must specify your age when you register for the challenge

TT Rules

  • Ride whatever you’ve got
  • If it has out-front aero bars and/or a disc wheel, it will be considered a TT bike

Merckx Rules

  • Road bikes with drop bars ONLY
  • No out front aero bars
  • No wheels deeper than 80mm
  • Puppy paws are allowed for Merckx timetrials

Hill Climb Rules

  • Ride whatever you’ve got


There will be an overall fastest time for men and women, along with men and women age categories.

  • 19 and under
  • 20-29
  • 30-39
  • 40-49
  • 50-59
  • 60+

Series Schedule

Wednesday, May 22 / 6PM

10 Mile Canal TT: South Canal

Wednesday, May 29 / 6PM

Hill Climb: Beatty


10 Mile Canal TT: South Canal


Hill Climb: Rattlesnake Rd