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Signature Series


From time to time, you may see a series of rides posted for one of the three groups. Here is a partial list of some the past Signature Series. These may or may not be repeated in the future.

Gruppetto Graduate Series: The goal of the Gruppetto Graduate series is to familiarize new members of the Cycle Folsom family with local roads while also visiting a few of the signature climbs in the area. During the ride the pace will be controlled and there will be frequent regroups after climbs.

Ninja Climbing Series: The is a Peloton series that emphasizes climbing and the social aspect of riding

Rock and Roll Series: This is a collection of Performance routes named after Led Zeppelin songs

Gruppo Compatto Series: This is a collection of classic Cycle Folsom routes that are suitable for Peloton and Performance riders with the goal of keeping the group together


Train for the Tour (TftT) Series: These are Century rides designed to build the endurance, skill, teamwork and confidence you need for the Death Ride, The Davis Double, or any other major cycling challenge. Primarily for Peloton and Performance riders, this series starts with flat routes and becomes progressively more difficult — culminating with a ride totaling 10,000′ of climbing through the high Sierra’s

Ride Series

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What Our Members Are Saying

Cycle Folsom is the most versatile Cycling groups I’ve ever been associated with. They are a perfect blend of riders. There are serious climbing rides as well as more flat rides. There are training opportunities from the racing level to the beginning group riders. Their Grupetto Teaching Series is ingenious and emphasizes their focus on safety and developing new riders. The Performance and Peloton groups emphasize teamwork and excellence. This is a very accomplished club.

I started riding with Cycle Folsom a few years ago, and I loved the competitive camaraderie and friendships I developed in the club. Everybody was always friendly, helpful, the rides were challenging and often epic. We are lucky to have great places to ride in our community and an amazing club to share them with.

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