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Gruppetto Series

The Gruppetto Series is designed to help people learn to ride in a group, learn the basics of nutrition, bicycle etiquette, and build a fitness base. Our leaders offer encouragement and experience. This ride series is intended to serve as an “on-ramp” to Cycle Folsom’s Peloton Group.

Signature Series

The goal of the Gruppetto Graduate Signature Series is to familiarize new members of the Cycle Folsom family with local roads while also visiting a few of the signature climbs in the area. During the ride the pace will be controlled and there will be frequent regroups after climbs.

Train for the Tour

Train for the Tour (TftT) is a series of 10 Century rides designed to build the endurance, skill, teamwork and confidence you need for the The Death Ride, The Davis Double, or any other major cycling challenge. This series starts with flat routes and becomes progressively more difficult -- culminating with a ride totaling 10,000' of climbing through the high Sierra's.

Gruppetto Graduate

This ride classifcation include rides with periodic regroups and sweeps intended for beginning riders who want to ride with a group and build strength and endurance.


This ride classification is relatively social during warm-up, but the focus typically shifts to maintaining proper rider spacing, cadence and performance for the balance of the ride. This classification of rides attempts to foster a pervasive emphasis on improvement, and our more seasoned cyclists share tips and information to help newer riders improve over time.


If you’re targeting a Criterium, Road Race or Time Trial, this is your group. Rides are generally in the 45-80 mile range and may include intervals, overloading, etc. These rides also serve riders who simply need to pack a lot hard work into a few hours. Routes include flat or moderately rolling terrain, but often also include steep, repetitive climbs that require and explosive efforts.

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What Our Members are Saying

Cycle Folsom is the most versatile Cycling groups I’ve ever been associated with. They are a perfect blend of riders. There are serious climbing rides as well as more flat rides. There are training opportunities from the racing level to the beginning group riders. Their Grupetto Teaching Series is ingenious and emphasizes their focus on safety and developing new riders. The Performance and Peloton groups emphasize teamwork and excellence. This is a very accomplished club. - Don M.

I started riding with Cycle Folsom a few years ago, and I loved the competitive camaraderie and friendships I developed in the club. Everybody was always friendly, helpful, the rides were challenging and often epic. We are lucky to have great places to ride in our community and an amazing club to share them with. - Aaron T.

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