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Our History

It started when a guy who was new to the area wanted to start riding a road bike, but didn’t really know where to go for a great ride. That guy was Steve Ward.

Steve Ward

It started when a guy who was new to the area wanted to start riding a road bike, but didn’t really know where to go for a great ride. That guy was Steve Ward.

Steve first started riding with a loose-knit group named Folsom Peloton, headed up by Quinn Hawkinson. Within the group, Steve learned the basics of group riding, developed his fitness level, and absolutely fell in love with the sport. He also fell in love with Folsom and the surrounding areas.

Steve eventually started Cycle Folsom and took it upon himself to document his favorite rides, complete with detailed write-ups, descriptions and tips for the ride, GPS routes, elevation profiles, and more.

Together with a group of Cycle Folsom Founders, Steve developed Cycle Folsom’s mission and set the stage for a club with a distinct personality and character. There were already many cycling clubs in the area, including Sacramento Wheelmen, Sacramento Bike Hikers, Davis Bike Club and others. Steve wanted Cycle Folsom to be more focused on creating an environment for performance improvement over time, as opposed to having a primary focus on “social rides.”

He began developing a mailing list and inviting others to join him for “The Weekend Ride.” Over the course of the first couple of years, the group grew and established a “Peloton Group, Performance Group and Endurance Group.” More and more people joined Steve’s mailing list, finding out about the club by word of mouth, or through the web site Steve created.

Steve and his co-founders continued to ride hard and inspired others to do the same. For the most part, Steve and the club’s co-founders’ capabilities have grown beyond the rides that Cycle Folsom offers, although some of them still join a ride here and there, and a couple still act as Ride Leaders for our Performance Group.

Steve Ward Founder

Carrying on the Vision

In many ways, Cycle Folsom continues to carry forward Steve’s vision, however, the club’s personality continues to evolve as leadership changes over time. From 2010 through 2015, Stan Schultz took over management of Cycle Folsom. Fortunately, Stan could rely on a strong group of ride leaders to carry the club forward. At the time were approximately 120 subscribers to “The Weekend Ride” mailing list.

As a marketing professional, Stan applied his expertise and created a “brand” for Cycle Folsom. Later, he worked with the ride leaders to create a site on Meetup.com which allowed greater flexibility for the Club’s leaders to post rides, and for members to RSVP. As of December 2015, Cycle Folsom had grown to more than 850 members and it gained support of local sponsors such as Folsom Bike, Town Center Bike and Tri, ROL Wheels, Mraz Brewing Company, Pete’s Brewhouse & Restaurant and more. While Stan’s efforts continue to add polish to Cycle Folsom’s exterior finish, the guts and glory of the club relied mostly on the club’s dedicated ride leaders and committed members.

In 2016, Stan recruited a group of dedicated members in order to create a Leadership Council. The goal was to maintain the personality and culture of the club, and to maintain or improve the quality and cohesion of communication, while also reducing the load on any one individual to manage the club.

Jim Ramseier emerged as a dynamic supporter for this effort, as well as an administrative leader of the council. Meanwhile, Stan joined Rowland Fellows, Rob Pucci, Brian Accord to focus on shoring-up ride leadership standards, communication and planning. Collectively, the Leadership Council has a wealth of management, marketing, and cycling knowledge—not to mention a passion for cycling, Cycle Folsom and all that Cycle Folsom brings to our community.

In addition to the Leadership Council, a number of Cycle Folsom members contribute time and professional expertise to help the club operate as efficiently and inexpensively as possible. We are grateful and thankful for their involvement and support.

Stan Schultz

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What Our Members Are Saying

Cycle Folsom is the most versatile Cycling groups I’ve ever been associated with. They are a perfect blend of riders. There are serious climbing rides as well as more flat rides. There are training opportunities from the racing level to the beginning group riders. Their Grupetto Teaching Series is ingenious and emphasizes their focus on safety and developing new riders. The Performance and Peloton groups emphasize teamwork and excellence. This is a very accomplished club.

I started riding with Cycle Folsom a few years ago, and I loved the competitive camaraderie and friendships I developed in the club. Everybody was always friendly, helpful, the rides were challenging and often epic. We are lucky to have great places to ride in our community and an amazing club to share them with.

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