Based on the premise that “if you want to get better, ride with better people”.

Welcome to Intro Level Rides & Base Fitness Building

Gruppetto riders are not likely to be thinking about their riding in terms of distance ridden, average speed or elevation climbed. These riders may be relatively new to road biking. If they are thinking about those things, they are likely returning to cycling after being off the bike for an extended period of time due to family commitments, injury, or personal choice.

Gruppetto rides are planned as a structured set of rides that increase in length and difficulty over time. The primary focus of Gruppetto rides is to help cyclists improve their cycling skills, especially those related to group rides, and to build a fitness base that is necessary to successfully progress into other Cycle Folsom groups, such as the Peloton Group.

Think you don’t need the Gruppetto Group? Check out our FAQ answer to this question.

Gruppetto Rider Characteristics

Gruppetto riders should be capable of riding on flat terrain, such as the American River Trail, for a distance of at least 20 miles (we will help you work up to longer rides, as that is the goal of this group). Gruppetto riders should be willing to ride additional days outside of the scheduled weekend rides to facilitate the fitness gains necessary to grow into more advanced Cycle Folsom rides.

Gruppetto Minimum Requirements

Although the Gruppetto Group is our entry-level group, there are a few minimum requirements that need to be met, a few minimum requirements ensure safety and enjoyment for you and riders around you.

You should be able to:

  • ​Ride a standard road bike with fully functional brakes (Sorry, no mountain bikes, tandems, or recumbent bikes. Use of aero bars is not allowed during group rides.)
  • Be able to take on nutrition and drink from your water bottle while riding
  • Point out debris/hazards to others while riding with one hand
  • Clip-in/out of your pedals
  • Maintain a consistent pace
  • Change a flat tire (Ride leaders will lend advice on tire changes for those new to the process, but you will need to perform the actual work yourself)

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What Our Members Are Saying

Cycle Folsom is the most versatile Cycling groups I’ve ever been associated with. They are a perfect blend of riders. There are serious climbing rides as well as more flat rides. There are training opportunities from the racing level to the beginning group riders. Their Grupetto Teaching Series is ingenious and emphasizes their focus on safety and developing new riders. The Performance and Peloton groups emphasize teamwork and excellence. This is a very accomplished club.

I started riding with Cycle Folsom a few years ago, and I loved the competitive camaraderie and friendships I developed in the club. Everybody was always friendly, helpful, the rides were challenging and often epic. We are lucky to have great places to ride in our community and an amazing club to share them with.

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