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Some of our Favorite Videos from Cycle Folsom’s YouTube Channel

Cycle Folsom Death Ride 2014

Here’s a taste of Cycle Folsom’s expedition to the 2014 Death Ride. The video was taken by just one of about 40 members who rode in the 2014 event. It was the crowning event of Cycle Folsom’s 10 Stage “Train for the Tours” series (ten 100+ mile rides over the course of about 3 months that started with about 1500 feet of climbing, and finished with the last 4 rides having 10,000 ft or more of climbing). The training was as much fun as the event itself, so we’re sure to do it again next year. (There is quite a bit of truth to the assertion that “The brain cannot remember pain.”)

Monitor Pass Descent – Death Ride 2016

A Video We Use to Recruit Members to Join our Livestrong Challenge Team

Setting and working toward cycling goals each year provides motivation for improvement, and dictates that you must train in order to meet those goals. Our members often use organized cycling events like the Livestrong Challenge as a target for their training goals.

 The Livestrong Challenge offers various ride distances for registrants. Most members in our club do the century, but some do the metric century. Registration for this event requires a commitment to raise at least $250. Cycle Folsom has raised as much as $18,500 in past events and has had as many as 25 people participate on the team. We never require people to ride together. Sometimes there’s just to much disparity between the pace of various riders. However, we often have 20 or so Cycle Folsom members in a double pace line with a huge peloton of other unrelated riders follows us and catching our draft. Check it out.

A Video Showing Off Our Team at the 2012 Livestrong Challenge

We had the forethought to take some video while riding in the 2012 Livestrong Challenge. Take not of the peloton that forms behind Cycle Folsom.

Our Team at the Mid-Point of the 2012 Livestrong Challenge

Team Cycle Folsom around the mid point of the 2012 LiveStrong Challenge. The video was taken using a bike-mounted Contour HD Camera by Rob Pucci. It’s a fairly long video, but two things are of note: 1) Check out how many cyclists are passed; and 2) watch at around minute 5:42 and you’ll see the team finally give Rob a break as they pass to his right. The video is pretty raw and noisy with no editing.

Double Pace Line on the So. Canal during the 2014 Ride2Recovery “Honor Ride”

Cycle Folsom members somewhere around the mid point of the 2014 Ride2Recorvery Honor Ride. The video was taken by Stan Schultz while riding using an iPhone 5S. This is representative of what our rides can look like when we have people who have learned the skills required to ride in pace lines. When riding 2 up, you should try hard to stay shoulder-to-shoulder and spaced about an arm’s length apart.