An all volunteer team, our Ride Leaders don’t claim to be experts, teachers or coaches, but most have a fair amount of experience that they’re happy to share if you’re interested. Ride Leaders plan their respective groups’ ride calendar, taking into account a general progression of fitness throughout the year.

They often rely on our library of past ride routes, but also plot out new and interesting rides. Ride Leaders post the rides and routes, and work to enhance the ride on the day of the event, simply by gaging the pace, adjusting when necessary, or even splitting the group during a ride if it makes sense.

While ride leaders plot out rides and sometimes offer to “sweep” rides to ensure that no one gets left behind, most Cycle Folsom rides are “no sweep” rides. Each rider is responsible to know the route, and should be fully prepared to be self-sufficient if they somehow get lost or fall off the pace. Our groups typically stop for mechanical problems, but not necessarily “bio-mechanical” problems.

Ride Leaders are not responsible for the safety of any participants. Each rider is responsible for their own safety, and for protecting themselves from the inherent risks associated with cycling. Each riders should study and know the route, and be prepared to ride alone if they get separated from the group. Please read, sign, and submit a Membership Application and Liability Waiver prior to joining any Cycle Folsom rides.

Over the years, Cycle Folsom has had many ride leaders, some much more active than others. Our club owes its success to those who have generously donated their time and effort to make Cycle Folsom better, and to enhance in our community as a whole. To those past ride leaders who are not listed here, your involvement is not forgotten.

Joel Brandt
Mark Holm
Rowland Fellows
Michael Herrick
Jennifer Grant-Martinez
Dave Kalemba
Mike Kim
“Oz” Lee
Mike Lemberg
Graham Leupp
Brad Maryatt
Scott McKinney
Kim Pann
Jonathan Paxton
Steven Paine
Vu Pham
Burga Pucci
Rob Pucci
John Rahn
Jim Ramseier
Alberto Roldan
Tara Hansen-Roush
Steve Schubauer
Stan Schultz
Curtis Taylor
Mel Wade