Train for the Tour

Train for the Tour (TftT) is a series of 10 Century rides designed to build the endurance, skill, teamwork and confidence you need for the The Death Ride, The Davis Double…

What is TftT?

Train for the Tour (TftT) is an annual series of six century rides starting in January and finishing in June. The series is designed to provide goals and help build endurance, skill, teamwork, and confidence. Riders use the TftT to train for the Deathride, double centuries, grand fondos, and gravel races. Some riders treat the TftT itself as a goal.

Rides begin in January with a flat(ish) century and get progressively more challenging each month. The final TftT usually tics 10,000′ of climbing at elevation in the Sierras. Routes are announced in early December and vary each year. Many rides start near Folsom and visit the Gold Country and foothills. We also include routes that visit the Napa Valley and Tahoe. Some stages may have an alternate course for riders who want an easier day.

Depending on the course, we can have up to 50 riders – so there’s almost always someone to ride with. On the other hand, the hardest courses may have just 10 to 15 riders, so self sufficiency is critical. A few riders complete the entire series each year, but you are welcome to ride whatever you need to support your training.

There are no official times and this is not a race. However, all TftT rides are pursued in Fondo style. Riders in the lead groups can expect to finish a flat course in about 5-hours and finish a mountainous course in 6 to 7 hours. For the fastest riders, rest stops last about as long as it takes one rider to fill two bottles.

This is a Cycle Folsom event. Guests are welcome provided they sign a waiver.

TftT rides are not supported. There’s no fee either. We do try to plan routes that pass stores and schools where you can get water or buy food. Some rides may have a volunteer SAG driver. Regardless, riders must be self-sufficient in nutrition, hydration, mechanicals, route finding, and endurance. If you want a fully-supported ride, you should consider riding an organized century instead.

If you’re an experienced cyclist looking for your next challenge, consider joining a Stage – or the entire series. We’ll see you on the road.

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