Our Mission

Cycle Folsom exists to provide an environment where cyclists can improve their cycling skills, strength, and endurance through intelligent training and nutrition.

Each of our three levels of riding groups is designed to provide training opportunities for riders of different fitness and skill levels. As members progress between groups, strength, endurance, nutrition, and time commitment may vary greatly. We provide detailed group-level descriptions that address these factors for your benefit.

We realize that your cycling time is valuable and limited; choosing a group that is commensurate with your fitness level is important, and doing so will help ensure a positive group riding experience.

What to Expect

Every riding club offers a unique approach. Cycle Folsom aims to improve rider skills through training. While we enjoy many social aspects of group cycling, our primary focus is on improving fitness. We prefer to ride, rather than just talk about riding, so we don’t sit around too long chatting at water stops. We’re not really into Latté rides either, except for the occasional ”all group” social ride for events like Thanksgiving, New Year, seasonal picnics, etc.

Regardless of your fitness level or your skill and confidence when riding alone, group riding requires a different set of skills and awareness. We often rely on our Leaders and experienced members to observe your skill level during the first several rides you join. Our goal is not to intimidate anyone, but, if needed, we’ll likely offer some guidance and tips to better ensure your safety and the safety of others riding with you—as well as pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers who may be on the trail or road. This is important to everyone in the group, so please keep an open, receptive mind.