[Posted by Phil Blay, January 1, 2011] Happy New Year to all the readers of this performance ride blog. Ride updates have been few and far between in 2010. I’m going to try and post a new ride writeup at least once a month. I plan to lead Saturday rides in 2011 working around racing and ride events I am planning on participating in.

A couple of CF members in 2010 that need acknowledged:

Steve Ward (CycleFolsom Founder) has been a big inspiration for me to keep improving my fitness level. His tips have proved invaluable to me. Everyone in this club can benefit from Steve’s knowledge. Thank You Steve.

Stan Shultz (Chief Evangelist) took over the reins of CycleFolsom from Steve a while ago and has made many changes to improve this club. I dare to say the club will continue to push the limits of each and every rider that joins in a ride at any ride level. Thank you Stan for all the time and hard work you have put into the two CF kit designs, the CycleFolsom meetup site and the discount for club members at Folsom Bike.

Last and not least……A big thanks to all the CF ride leaders. They did a fantastic job in 2010!

Signing off for now, Phil Blay