“No regular Weekend Rides scheduled by Cycle Folsom leaders” didn’t equate to lying in a hammock sipping lemonade this past weekend. Between South Tahoe and the Bay Area, members of Cycle Folsom duly canvassed a big slice of Northern California sporting spiffy new kits designed by our own Stan Schultz.

While part of the group hashed it out over five mountain passes on the Death Ride Saturday, others spent Sunday touring 100 miles of San Jose’s countryside on behalf of the Livestrong Challenge. This fundraising event to fight cancer– which raised 1 million dollars (wow!)— is dear to us: Stan’s co-captain for the Cycle Folsom team and Peloton leader Kevin Harris is a cancer survivor who gives inspiration every day, reminding us that life is to be savored.

However, around mile 70 savoring turned to suffering as we approached the mountain range standing between us and the finish line. Cyclists generally speak of “climbing” hills, but the 1.8 mile long Metcalf Road is more appropriately, um… scaled up a 12% gradient. But that regular training we do together week in and week out was apparent in the ever-present power of OZ Lee, who scampered up every tilt the road dished out. This far into the ride Kevin couldn’t resist chasing the carrot and beat everyone to the top of the grade handily. I think I saw a trail of AAA batteries in his wake though…

Now that goal rides are complete, we’ll be dialing back the intensity of weekend rides. Come join us and enjoy some fun times!