We’ve been getting more inquiries about our Group as the weather begins to warm up. In addition to the weekend ride re-cap posts in this blog, I thought I would post part of a response I sent to a recent inquirer: 

“…Everything is relative, so it’s difficult to label hills as easy or hard. I usually refer to the hills that the Peloton Group tackles as “moderately challenging.” Like you, I also rode the Folsom Cyclebration Metric Century last year. For reference, that route would serve as one of our most challenging rides around the May to July time frame. This year we might be ready for it a little earlier.

For another reference point: At this point in the season (late Winter / early Spring), most Peloton riders are comfortable with, but still challenged by our “Mt. Costo Loop Route.” Many of us use it as a weekday hill training ride. Most of the time, we make it up Mt. Costco and Beatty without fear or concern, but we’re still huffing and puffing pretty hard. We recover at the top of the hill pretty quickly with little or no break. 

Hopefully, you’ll be familiar with some of these roads: It starts at Karen’s Bakery in Old Folsom, down Folsom-Auburn to Iron Point, up over “Mt. Costco,” left on Empire Ranch/Sophia Pkwy., right on Alexandria, Right on Beatty Road for and up-and-down, back out to Sophia Pkwy, to Green Valley, to E. Natoma St., over the Folsom Lake Crossing Bridge, up to Beales Pt., and back down to Karen’s Bakery. Our average speed over the entire course of this route, including all hills and flats, is usually 14 to 16 mph. (here’s a link to it on MapMyRide; Disregard the little jog on Oak Ave where I live).”

Hope that gives a little more perspective for those who may be interested in riding with us. Regulars of the Cycle Folsom Peloton Group, feel free to add your comments in the comment section if you have something more to offer.