[Posted by Stan Schultz] A friend of mine who is considering getting back on her bike after a hiatus showed some interest in training for the Livestrong Challenge, so I was gathering some info for her on the Livestrong Challenge site. While doing so, I stumbled onto the fact that Lisa Haas, one of our Peloton Group ride leaders, quietly donated $100 each to Kevin Harris’ fund raising account, and to mine.

I just love those little surprises. So here’s one for you, Lisa, join the Cycle Folsom team and I’ll contribute $100 to your fundraising account. Dude, er… sweetie?, we NEED you on our team. You could ride the Century route twice if you really feel a need to do another one of those wacky double-centuries of yours (of course you’ll miss the festivities after the ride ’cause I’ll be stopping for the food, the beer, and the band.)

Anyway, thank you, Lisa, for your very generous contributions. They will motivate Kevin and me to keep working to build Team Cycle Folsom and raise funds. I’m confident others will join us for this great event.

For anyone else considering it: 10, 50, 65, and 100 mile routes are available. The event is incredibly well-supported with food, fun and a band afterward. The routes are manageable, each with one signature hill to make it worth doing. Click here to visit the San Jose Livestrong Challenge site. Need more info? Tips on training for various distances? I’ll do my best to point you in the right direction.