Image of Stan Schultz

Cycle Folsom has been around for nearly a decade now. Being an all volunteer organization, the club’s activities, interests, service levels and member involvement go through what I consider to be normal ebbs and flows. As new members come in, they bring new talents, interests, and enthusiasm. And then things change. Those same members move on to new interests, or technology changes, or something forces change. For better or worse.

Such is the case for the Cycle Folsom Club Blog. I initially launched the blog back in 2011 because the Cycle Folsom web site was not equipped to handle regular updates from multiple contributors. The blog worked well for a while and had many subscribers. But then the club made a big change. It moved its event calendar and social exchange activities to the Meetup platform. Meetup was new, it was cool, and members were having a blast exchanging comments on the site. As a result, interest in our blog wained, and it got left behind.

Fast forward 5 years. The club has grown tremendously, and Meetup still does a great job handling group comments and our calendar. But it doesn’t allow our leaders and members to post more in-depth ruminations about their cycling experiences, inspiration, tips or techniques.

Recently, Jim Ramseier and Jason Rogers inquired about starting a blog. They were pleasantly surprised when I gave them a link to our long forgotten, but still not dead blog of the past.

So I went ahead and dusted it off, added a new theme, and have prepped it for new authors who may emerge. Jim Ramseier has some plans in mind, and I look forward to supporting him to resurect the blog and start the flow of new content for your reading enjoyment.

I’ve left all the posts from the past. It’s kind of fun to see the motley crew from the early days—back before we looked stylish in our Cycle Folsom apparel.