Sunday turned out to be a great day for a ride to Discovery Park from Folsom (a.k.a. The Disco Ride). There were ten of us. In addition to our core group of 4 or 5 riders who show up like clockwork, another 4 or 5 riders from Team Bicycle Planet joined us. The ride was intended to be a relatively easy ride for them, as some were recovering from a race, and others were prepping for a major race next weekend. Great bunch of guys and very enjoyable to ride with. They reinforced their sponsor’s hard-earned image for friendly, approachable expertise. We’ll all continue to recommend Bicycle Planet.

There were also a couple of new riders that split off on their own early on due to a disparity in pace.

The pace turned out to be a bit more brisk than we expected, with an average speed of 18 mph over the course of the 58 mile route. Generally, everyone enjoyed the pace, but most of the regular Cycle Folsom riders admitted that they were pushing themselves. Given that it’s still early in the year, it was an impressive effort by everyone.

Next week’s ride: The Town of Rescue Plus and Option Loop Around Lake Natoma