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Brian Acord

Brian Acord

Strava: Brian's Strava Profile

Favorite Rides (to this point):


Penryn/Newcastle Loop

Carmichael/Fair Oaks Loop

Mt. Diablo 2x

Mt Diablo & Morgan Territory

Napa & Pope Valleys

Glendora Mntn/Ridge Road to Mt. Baldy

Like many others, I came into serious cycling much later in life. Well, when I was a kid I had a totally radical blue Mongoose BMX bike with everything anodized on it, and when I was a Park Ranger I use to do bike patrol on the Los Gatos Creek Trail on my rigid 1988 Specialized Stumpjumper. For years I was envious of the speed and efficiency of road bikes, but they eluded my financial grasp.

Up into my thirties, soccer was my sport and what kept me active, but it’s not enjoyable when you play on Sunday and then can’t walk on Monday; my ankles couldn’t take it anymore. Needless to say, I started getting thick around the waist. About the same time that I gave up soccer a good friend and fellow graduate student in the Wildlife Department at Humboldt State University pushed me to get involved with the Alternative Transportation Club on campus, which became the non-profit Green Wheels, a grassroots organization that still helps shape transportation issues in Humboldt County. I started riding the ol Stumpjumper more and eventually pulled the trigger on buying a road bike in 2005, a used 2000 Jamis Eclipse Reynolds 853. Next thing you know, I’m riding on the Life Cycle shop ride and with the Bigfoot Bicycle Club.

In 2007, Krysta and I moved to Orangevale and I found Cycle Folsom. I remember riding with Steve and company on a weekday ride down to Guy West and back. We’re careening down the trail in a paceline trading pulls; me with little experience. I get to the front, take my novice hypoxic pull at the front and swing off when I start seeing stars. Steve gives me a “nice pull” as I’m heading to the back where I meet the wood chipper, shredded-up and spit out only to see the group at the turn around. In those early days I had my fair share of biomechanicals and getting lost and dropped by the likes of Steve Ward, Curtis Taylor, Scott McKinney, Jeremy Barnes, David Porter, and more.

By 2009 I was regularly riding with Cycle Folsom’s Performance Group led by Oz, Phil Blay, and Gary Kurtz, and the following year I stepped-up my commitment to the club and became a Cycle Folsom Ride Leader. Now I regularly lead rides for the Performance Group and sometimes for the Gruppetto Group, and lead a weekday training ride ¾ of the year.

Outside of Cycle Folsom I’m a professional wildlife biologist with the Department of Fish and Wildlife in Sacramento, I’m an active bike commuter and member of the Sacramento Area Bicycle Advocates (SABA), and I’m a category 3 road racer with the Folsom Bike Race Team.

I ride because:

It’s fun,

It keeps me healthy and fit,

It’s environmentally friendly,

...and it provides a positive competitive outlet

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