A great group of Cycle Folsom newbies and old dogs showed up to challenge themselves on the 10 mile South Canal TT course. The Spring Cycle Folsom time trial is not meant as a contest with your peers, but a contest with yourself. Many cycling coaches and trainers recognize the value of a standard 10 mile TT as a benchmark to gauge fitness. This was an early season benchmark that these dedicated cyclists will be able to smash later in the season when they are in peak riding shape!

The morning was cool with temperatures dipping down into the low 50s, but the sun was shining. Winds started to pick up a little, but nothing too significant. Believe it or not, everyone was all smiles before and after conquering the 6 small climbs and the flats down and back to Jackson Hwy.

Others had their game faces on ready to test themselves and set a fitness benchmark to gauge future progress.

A great time was had by all those that participated. Next, TT should be in July.