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My name is Jonathan Paxton, however, others have coined the name “JBeast” for me. I have been road cycling now for about several¬†years off and on. In March of 2013 I decided to do something about my lifestyle and health. I was 70 lbs overweight and got winded just walking up a flight of stairs. I began with running, but soon realized that I needed an alternative cardio workout, which led me to road cycling. I was hooked from then on. I dropped my first 30 lbs in 8 months. I proceeded to have a goal to work towards. I signed up for the Sacramento Century and began my endurance training. Upon completing my first century, I looked into Cycle Folsom.

In November 2015 I gave Cycle Folsom a try and felt right at home. It is a club that, if you commit yourself, will push you to the level of cycling you want or beyond. The “Train for the Tour” Series (TftT) preps you for just about any cycling event you would want to accomplish. Mine, as well as many others, was to complete the Death Ride in 2016. The progressively more challenging nature of the TftT series helped me build and sustain a significantly higher level of fitness, and enabled me to complete what most mere mortal like me consider to be an “insane” ride. I’m proud to say that I was able to complete all 5 passes. Part of my success can be attributed to the club’s more experienced members who helped me build my training plan and strategy by providing me with great tips about nutrition, hydration, and proper techniques to complete longer endurance rides. This type of camaraderie and support to achieve such lofty goals is inspirational.

I have developed friendships within the club and look forward to giving back to the club in the same way others gave  their knowledge and support to me when I started. I look forward to many more CF rides and meeting new faces. See you out there!