Graham Leupp

I’ve been cycling for just a few¬†years, having gotten into it after a knee replacement effectively put a halt to my running. I began with what was called “The Beginner Ride” with Stan on Sunday mornings around Lake Natoma. Those rides were sponsored by Bicycles Plus, and hosted by a few of Cycle Folsom’s Ride Leaders. I have since learned that these rides were the genesis of Cycle Folsom’s Gruppetto Group.

That experience led me to join Cycle Folsom two years ago, and have been steadily riding with CF ever since. I never expected to get into cycling to the degree I have, but being around the enthusiastic and dedicated riders of Cycle Folsom prompted me to make it my goal to ride at their level, or as close as I can get!

I remember being daunted by the thought of riding 100 miles, or taking on the climbs that make up the local cycling lore: Indian Hill, Beatty, Baxter Grade. Now, I find myself incorporating them into the rides I do on my own, so I know I’m improving and can set higher goals to reach.

The support and mentoring from the ‘Big Dogs’ in Cycle Folsom has kept me motivated to improve my fitness and skill levels. I look forward to each ride with the group because each one is different and challenging. A few weeks ago, on a cold, overcast day and we suffered 5 flats, had 3 coyotes dart in front of us, had one crash and one near-crash, yet it was one of the most fun rides I’ve done! I’m proud to be part of Cycle Folsom.