Six of us showed up for the ride to the small Gold Rush era Town of Rescue. We were a mix of riders who had some mileage and hills under their belt and others whose training is in the earlier stages. The ride to Rescue is almost like doing moderately challenging hill repeats for roughly 30 of the 35 mile out-and-back ride. We took a break to re-fill water bottles and use the bathroom at the Rescue Fire Station.

Our paces varied a bit, but we re-grouped at the tops of hills and everyone made it back to the ride start able to hold their heads high. Three of us continued on for an optional loop around Lake Natoma (kind of building a piggy bank of excuses for drinking a couple more beers during the Super Bowl later in the day).

Next week’s ride: Millertown Road. The most challenging part of this ride is getting to the top of Folsom-Auburn Blvd. After that, there one other good size grade, but we’ll be riding on some beautiful rural roads after getting through Auburn.