In the past, prior to the creation of CycleFolsom’s site, Cycle Folsom maintained separate blogs for the Peloton and Performance Groups. The purpose of the two blogs was to give people a sense of what transpired during our rides. Now, this is done through comments and reviews on our site.

After some discussion between the CF’s ride leaders, we’ve decided to combine the two blogs together into one, and to use it to post thoughts and ruminations that might be to lengthy for our Meetup site or forums.

IMPORTANT NOTE: On January 23rd, all the previous blog posts from the old Peloton and Performance Blogs were imported into this blog. Unfortunately, this process changed the authorship of all previous posts to “Stan Schultz.” I wish I could figure out a way to identify who posted all the previous posts, but I can’t.

Feel free to comment on this or other posts that will happen in the future.