[contributed by Lisa Haas]
Yep, it was a beautifully calm bright spring day– perfect to put my good health to work for the benefit of those in need. Usually on our regular Saturday jaunts I meet up with a group of cyclists with set jaws and pockets full of bananas. But this was a special morning in that the gang gathered under a big inflatable red Tour de Cure arch representing at least 4 separate charity teams yet riding together as the Cycle Folsom cohorts we’ve become.
We rolled out of the starting line and chatted it up the first 26 miles, proving that indeed there is such thing as a “conversational pace” after all. Once we settled back into pace after the first rest stop a tug of competition hit the front end of the group while I hunkered down for the climbs. Not bad strategy given we arrived at the 50 mile stop in time for a send off to Joel, Jeff, Kevin, and Kirk for the next leg of the journey. At that rest stop I’m sure somebody secretly changed out my tires for velour– the climb out was a beastie grind and a reminder of how much riding I haven’t been doing lately. But experience has taught me every long-suffering climb has a rewarding descent, fabulous scenery, and the thrill of accomplishment. As we rolled on through rest stop 3 we collected a hardy pack of gentlemen to form a brisk paceline back to Roseville. The afterburners kicked in for the strong front end as the town came into view: 22 mph and increasing. At mile 93 I let the boys race home without me, clocking myself in at 6:09. It’s worth mentioning that even though we were dropped by the elite Performance riders, a scant 3 participants got past the tenacious Peloton crew over most of the course and we finished in front of the lion’s share of 100 mile starters. I owe the credit of my progress to Da Boyz.
Geez… I had no idea there was a goal to finish in under 6 hours, but what else would I expect from my Cycle Folsom brethren but to set the bar just beyond my fingertips?