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    Before you can gain access to our event calendar on, you must first:

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    To be clear, this site specifically handles “Cycle Folsom’s” membership database and payment history (no credit card or PayPal info is stored here). The site requires a separate, free membership. To learn more about joining our Meetup site after you register here, click here.

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    Members can update their contact info at any time by logging in with their e-mail address and password. Members can choose to make some of their cell phone and e-mail address visible to registered Cycle Folsom club members by selecting "Public" for profile status. Those who do not wish to make their info public should choose private. Cycle Folsom will not disclose your contact info except for cases of emergency.



    NOTE: This only manages your membership. You cannot manage your membership here. To do that, you must login to and use the drop-down menu at the top right of the browser window and select Profile or Settings.



  • Membership Renewal

    Members are required to renew their Cycle Folsom membership on an annual basis using this website. Members are sent 3 reminder e-mails prior to membership expiration, and one final reminder and warning  one week after their membership expires. Members with expired memberships will be removed from the club's Meetup site. Once they have renewed their membership, they can request to re-join the Meetup site.

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  • Invited Guest Liability Waiver

    Members may invite guests on occasion by filling out an Invited Guest Liability Waiver. If a guest attends more than a few times, we respectfully ask that he or she register as a full member. membership fees helps to cover the cost of insurance dues that we carry for our members and invited guests. Guests are not allowed to access our Meetup site.

    Invited Guest

    Liability Waiver

  • Access to our Site

    AFTER you register and submit payment here, you can request to join our group, which is where we manage our ride calendar, social discussions, and more. If you're not already a member of, you'll first need to join and login to (please make note of your Meetup User Name and Password; it will likely be different than the User Name and Password for our membership system on this site as we use e-mail addresses).

    While logged in to use the Join Us button on the right side of the nav bar to request to join our Meetup group. Click here for detailed instructions about joining Meetup.

  • Member Look-Up (members only)

    Some members make their contact information available to other members. Members can log in and look-up other members. Members can look-up no more than three other members per day. Any member using this feature to mine data, market to other members, or to harass members will be removed immediately.

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  • Member Look-Up (for CF Sponsor use)

    A Premium Membership card is mailed to each member when the register or renew their membership. They are encouraged to bring their card with them when they visit our sponsors and request member discounts. When needed, our sponsors can look up a member's status to ensure that their membership is active and current. Any sponsor or member using this feature to mine data, market to other members, or to harass members will be removed immediately.

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