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Favorite Local Ride: Cotherin Ranch

Favorite Route in California: The Terrible Two

My love for cycling began as a child when a single-parent mother tried to impose limitations on my older brother and I by using major streets in Oak Park to give us a few square miles of freedom. It was then that I learned you can not put limitations on how far the pedal will propel you and that Folsom Lake was a good place to cool off when you overreached your imposed bounds by 30 or so miles. Lucky for me, God watches over children and fools, and being both gives extra protection!

Though my older brother raced Bikes and frequented the river ride, which featured riders such as Greg Lemond, I was never fit enough as a child to be competitive. It wasn’t until going to UC Davis and riding with the Cal Aggie Cycling Team that I began competitive cycling. Experiences like riding with Motorola professional Steve Larsen and Ironman Dave Scott, while on the Aggies, furthered my love for the sport. Yet the call to start a family drove me to hang up my cycling shoes for anything more than an occasional spin after completing my first Davis Double Century in 1992 at the age of 21 in 10:00 hours of ride time.

12 years later I weighed a life threatening 227 lbs. The scale and my undesirable body shape drove me to a life changing 2004 New Years resolution. After regaining control of my weight using physical activity and a Herbalife program, I returned to cycling.

I quickly found a group of “old guys” to introduce me to local roads. By the time I hooked up with the Folsom Peleton Bike Club, I had gained a substantial knowledge of local routes. When Steve Ward began plotting routes to add to the new CycleFolsom website, I was one of the few providing the tidbits of route planning on the Wednesday before our weekend escapades. Those were the days when Steve followed my wheel. Anymore, when I happen to be on the same road as the Squeak, it is I who follows his wheel and his route that includes roads I have never ridden.

Since 2004, I have completed over 2 dozen double centuries, earned the California Triple Crown recognition 5 times, and placed 3rd in the California Triple Crown Stage Race of 2010. I am presently a ride leader for the Performance Group and planning to continue riding/racing double centuries in hopes of completing more than 50 by the time I am 50 years old.


Curtis Taylor