Overview of Membership (please read carefully)

There are two components of a Cycle Folsom Membership:

Registration, Payment, and Submission of Liability Waiver: ALL applicants MUST register and submit payment and liability waiver BEFORE access will be given to our site and before any rides can be joined. You will complete these things in Step 2. Membership: In addition to completing the registration, payment and liability waiver, you will need to join our group at in order to see our ride calendar, details, locations, and times. Meetup is free to join, and you can join multiple groups, not just ours.

You will be presented with instructions for joining our Meetup site after you have submitted your liability waiver in Step 2.

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A Note About Guests

Registered members may bring guests to participate in rides free of charge,
however, guests must:

Fill out and submit a Guest Liability Waiver

Identify the Member who invited them on the ride on the liability waiver

Be included as a "+1 Guest" on the Member's RSVP for the ride(s) they participate in

Ride with the Member who invited them

Those registered as guests will not be granted access to Cycle Folsom's Meetup site directly until they submit the standard member application in Step 2 in order to gain access to our Meetup site.


Guest Liability Waiver

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