Membership Tools

Membership Renewal and Profile Management

Members can renew their membership*, update their contact info, and access other members-only tools by logging in with their e-mail address and password. Members can choose to make some of their cell phone and e-mail address visible to registered Cycle Folsom club members by selecting “Public” for profile status. Those who do not wish to make their info public should choose private. Cycle Folsom will not disclose your contact info except for cases of emergency.

NOTE: This only manages your membership. You cannot manage your membership here. To do that, you must login to and use the drop-down menu at the top right of the browser window and select Profile or Settings.

*Membership can be renewed withing 3 months of the expiration date

What’s the difference between and Folsom?

  • Join Cycle Folsom or manage membership
  • Learn about club mission, groups, and culture
  • Learn about safety, club FAQ’s
  • Watch our favorite videos and read our favorite stories
  • Learn about ordering club apparel

  • See event calendar and full event details
  • RSVP for rides and events
  • Make comments on event pages
  • Read or join group discussion boards
  • Requires membership (free)
  • Requires Cycle Folsom membership