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That Dorky Mirror Saved My Life

OK, I admit that this is a misleading headline.  I was skimming through some news articles and started reading one where the headline had little to do with the article’s contents.  I thought I would try the eye drawing trick… Jonathan and Jim Just Before Iowa Hill I have been cycling with a rear-view mirror…

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Death Ride Tune Up

Joe and Enrico applying bar tape As the Death Ride nears, a group of Cycle Folsom’s riders got together to give their bikes a final tune up to make sure their rides were in top working order. Most of the work was similar – brake/shifter cable replacement and new chain installation. Cable replacement takes some…

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What Does It Take To Be A Racer

The Tour De France is just around the corner and just a month ago we were able to experience the Amgen Tour of California in our own home town.  Seeing these amazing riders compete in such an epic way may fuel your own thoughts about taking your cycling to a new level – racing.  What would…

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A Tale of Two Rides

Yesterday, we completed the 10th and final century ride in the Train for the Tours (TftT) series for 2016.  This one was an out and back from Sly Park to Carson Pass and included more than 10,000′ of climbing, riding at altitudes above 7,500’ for much of the ride and some tough climbs like Carson…

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Riders – Know Your Route

Several weeks ago, I was with a group riding a route that used very common roads.  I noticed the rider(s) in front looking back occasionally and asking “which way?”  We weren’t in a remote area or on an unusual route by any means.  They clearly didn’t know the route.  After a short while, I spent…

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One Cool Loon

Mike and Brad at Loon Lake Scott McKinney’s Train for the Tour (TftT) series is Cycle Folsom’s most grueling set of training activities.  These 10 progressively more difficult century rides from February to June will get you in condition to do almost any extreme endurance cycling event you can find – including the Death Ride.…

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The “Swing”

I just finished reading Boys in the Boat the other day.  It is a great story about the University of Washington crew team that won the rowing gold medal at the 1936 Berlin Olympics.  There were many memorable things about the book, but one thing stuck with me that could translate to cycling was the…

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As I get older (and maybe a touch wiser), I realize that what inspired me in my younger days is not the same as what inspires me today.  I remember the 1981 49ers having a phenomenal season and winning the game against the Cowboys where Dwight Clark caught the winning touchdown pass from Joe Montana. …

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Nutrition 101 – Fuel For The Ride

One of the great things about this time of year as Spring takes hold, is the great cycling events coming upon us.  For many of us, we have big goals being realized in the Summer.  Maybe it is the Death Ride or the Davis Double Century.  You might have plans for your first century or metric century.  Whatever your goal may…

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Hydration 101

As we start moving into Spring and everyone is thinking of the big rides they have planned for the Summer, one of the key things to consider is your hydration game plan while on long endurance rides.  In 2015 as I was preparing for the Death Ride, I had dialed in a hydration system that…

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